Steven Carse




Steven Carse - Founder and creator (with his brother) of, among numerous Atlanta businesses, King of Pops. Steven and his creations have become staples in the Atlanta scene, whether grabbing a Pop out on the Beltline, or Adulting it up at Ponce City Market.  We take a look at Steven and his found purpose on this planet, and how his businesses have created a positive cycle that not only food and industry businesses can strive to be like, but that mankind can reflect on and know that we can all try a little harder to be a little better to our home. Sit down, grab a pop, and Get to know Steven.

Grab a Pop!


What neighborhood do you live in?

Describe it.
      Winding Streets, alot of energy, excitement for the future

Best restaurant Atlanta?
      Bon Ton Atlanta

Best dish at that restaurant?
      cajun seatfood gumbo

Best place to get a burger?

Where do you go when you want to think?
      go for a walk, not work

What was your first job?
      referee at soccer games

Favorite band when you were 16?
     tom petty

Favorite local venue?
      the earl

Best day off in Atlanta?
      getting overpriced coffee, chillin', going to atl united game, having 1 to 2 too many drinks and calling it an early night.

Three favorite cities to visit outside of Atlanta?
      richmond, portland, new york

most recent song you listened to?
      lovely day - unknown

Name of your Biography?
      the king of pops

How do you take your coffee?

Most annoying thing on social media lately?
      political stuff

Dogs or Cats?

Favorite thing to do in the rain.
      watch it

Last time you pulled an all nighter?
      when i first started the business

Favorite local band?
      fantasy guys

Worst road to be on at 5p?
      all roads, but the frustrating one is briarcliff between ponce and emory. ugh.