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Sway ATL is a a chronicle of true stories for the purpose of maintaining consciousness in the city of Atlanta. We are Compos Mentis.  Get to know the people in the city of Atlanta - the creative individuals who make things happen and influence our city with their authenticity. With current state, constant distraction from technology and influence from big industry, big business, and big government, SWAY is a drawback to the curtain. We are an attempt at a cure. Welcome home Atlanta.

We will be releasing at least one micro-documentary a month about a specific chosen creative in Atlanta that is authentically influencing the direction of the city. We will also be releasing investigative micro-docs when there is a story the residents of this city need to know.  If you have a story or would like to propose a SwayATL member, please email us at swayatlanta@gmail.com


SWAY ATL.  A Place for Creatives and influencers.
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