Jay Wiggins




Jay wiggins - artist, sculptor, painter, musician, evereman. jay wiggins created the evereman project as a way to give art back to the community. He began working in atlanta in 1981 as a guerilla street artist, and took that passion into creating a form of art about co-creation and collaboration, and about giving and creating before taking and profit.  You can find free evereman art all over the world.

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What neighborhood do you live in?

Describe it.

Best restaurant Atlanta?

Best dish at that restaurant?
      special dish of the day

Best place to get a burger?
      Farm burger

Where do you go when you want to think?
      walk by the river

What was your first job?
      delivering newspapers

Favorite band when you were 16?
      bob dylan

Favorite local venue?
      elliott street pub

Best day off in Atlanta?
      Walking through the city

Three favorite cities to visit outside of Atlanta?
      san francisco / detroit / nashville

Three most recent songs you listened to?
      Winding Wheel (Ryan Adams) / James Alley Blues (Rabbit Brown) / Without You (Harry Nilsson)

Name of your Biography?

How do you take your coffee?
      little bit of milk

Most annoying thing on social media lately?
      donald trump

Dogs or Cats?

Favorite thing to do in the rain.
      get out of it

Last time you pulled an all nighter?

Favorite local band?
      Amos spinning at corner tavern

First show you saw at Atlanta venue?
      Coraline Aiken / Undergroung Atlanta in 1978

Worst road to be on at 5p?
      ugh - any of them