Jarrett Stieber




JARRETT STIEBER - CHEF and creator of eat me speak me.  Jarrett refers to himself as a cook, but his passion for sourcing, his finesse in a tight space kitchen, his head for creation and putting together flavors and precision in plating make him so much more. Jarrett can be found at eat me speak me at s.o.s. in Decatur whipping up incredible treats, or with his dog and wife on the streets of inman park.

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What neighborhood do you live in?
      Inman park

Describe it.

Best restaurant Atlanta?

Best dish at that restaurant?
      chicken liver ravioli

Best place to get a burger?
     General Muir

Where do you go when you want to think?
      Arabia Mountain

What was your first job?
      Sports Camp councelor

Favorite band when you were 16?
      jimi hendrix experience

Favorite local venue?
      The Earl

Best day off in Atlanta?
      sleeping in, heading to arabia mountain

Three favorite cities to visit outside of Atlanta?
      charleston / san francisco / washington d.c.

Three most recent songs you listened to?
      Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake) / If I stay to long (The Creations) / The Rabbit , The Bat, and The Reindeer ( Dr. Dog))

Name of your Biography?
      dont fuck it up

How do you take your coffee?
      like my heart - black

Most annoying thing on social media lately?
      everyones opinions

Dogs or Cats?
      ligers - nah i prefer dogs but i love them both

Favorite thing to do in the rain.
      quote 'midnight in paris'

Last time you pulled an all nighter?
      never - way too tired to stay awake for 24 hours

Favorite local band?

First show you saw at Atlanta venue?
      Rolling Stones at turner field

Worst road to be on at 5p?
      ponce de leon