Chris Appleton




chris appleton - co-founder and executive director of wonderroot - Chris is a native atlantan with a diy spirit and a passion for art and activism. when he isn't advocating for social justice legislation, chris enjoys spending time with his wife, annie, cooking, baking, and renovating their home in reynoldstown. 


What neighborhood do you live in?

Describe it.
      Small, historically african american community that is going through rapid gentrification

Best restaurant Atlanta?
      soul vegetarian

Best dish at that restaurant?
      country fried "steak", mac n cheese, sweet potatoes

Best place to get a burger?
      wrecking bar (veggie)

Where do you go when you want to think?
      On a walk

What was your first job?
      selling citrus fruit in my NEIGHBORHOOD

Favorite band when you were 16?

Favorite local venue?

Best day off in Atlanta?
      cooking at home with annie, and working on projects in the backyard

Three favorite cities to visit outside of Atlanta?
      chicago / Paris / asheville

Three most recent songs you listened to?
      roll bus roll (jeffey lewis, comin' Home (leon bridges), coffee (sylvan esso)

Name of your Biography?

How do you take your coffee?

Most annoying thing on social media lately?
      never had a social media account

Dogs or Cats?
      bears are really cool. I think pumas are really cool. sloths are really cool.

Favorite thing to do in the rain.
      sit in a chair in the rain

Last time you pulled an all nighter?
      can't remember

Favorite local band?
      back pockets

First show you saw at Atlanta venue?
      raffie when I was 4, at the fox theater

Worst road to be on at 5p?